Our Ethical Principles

Ethical Principles Procedure

Pera Yapı Ethical Principles Procedure; determines the principles that cover employees and all business partners involved in Pera Yapı’s activities and guide every stage of management in all areas affected by company actions in order to create a working culture that includes justice and respect in all areas where Pera Yapı operates.

Pera Yapı adopts the vision and mission of the Company and works with family awareness in line with the goals set. The principles of respect for people, the environment, the laws of the countries in which it operates, and respect for the work done are indispensable values for employees and all business partners involved in Pera Yapı’s activities. The virtues of truthfulness, honesty, transparency, and equality are not compromised under any circumstances. All real and legal persons operating under the roof of Pera Yapı are committed to the highest quality in their work within the framework of the Ethical Principles Procedure to which they are bound. Pera Yapı aims to respect human rights and civil liberties enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in all its actions.

Our Code of Ethics serves as a guideline to create a trust-based relationship between our subsidiaries and stakeholders.

To know and act in accordance with our Code of Ethics is the primary responsibility of all our employees.


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