Urban Transformation Costs

The main factor that determines the costs of urban transformation is the quality of the materials to be used. It is possible to realize modern architectural and design applications suitable for every taste with various different brands and models suitable for different tastes in points related to the interior and exterior cosmetics of the building. The quality principles of the materials to be used in the construction and the durability of the building are determined by regulations. Therefore, the basic components (e.g. iron, concrete, etc.) to be used in a building to be rebuilt within the scope of urban transformation must be used with legal specifications. With the dynamism in the construction sector, the basic construction materials and labor costs used in construction vary from day to day on the basis of exchange rates. Prices of basic components may rise and fall according to demand.


Different urban transformation companies may apply different pricing policies during the pricing phase. The important point here is the price differences in the subject headings that change the costs. In addition to the materials to be used in the production phase of the construction, the methods to be applied inside and outside the construction directly affect the cost of urban transformation. Therefore, it would be more accurate for those who will carry out urban transformation to turn to the most realistic figures in the market, rather than choosing the most economical figures at the point of cost calculation. For the Urban Transformation Cost, price quotes should be obtained from at least three construction companies and the details should be examined, and on the other hand, experiences should be compared. Since construction costs tend to rise continuously, unfortunately, there have been examples in the past where non-institutional construction companies had to leave the construction unfinished due to their inability to calculate the rising costs correctly; many apartment owners became victims. In order to minimize the impact of cost increases in urban transformation, it is important to decide and start the process as soon as possible.


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