To the future, together.

At Pera, we want to contribute to a world that ensures a livable future with a high quality of life for everyone. We do this by producing chemicals for our customers and making the best use of available resources. To optimize our contribution to a sustainable future, we measure the overall impact of the economic, environmental and social aspects of our business activities with our Value for Society methodology. We are working to share the future together, to make the future possible together.

1. Sustainability at work

We live and work in an age of uncertainty. We observe the disruptive impact of new business models in many business areas. Change is not a new concept, however, it is on our agenda today more than ever due to its pace, scale, and impact. In order to move forward in line with our vision, we need to believe in the necessity of change and we need to change. In this context, we see change as an area of opportunity where we can show leadership.

We will be a pioneer with innovation, technology and our brands

Our technological strength, innovation capability, and brand values have been the driving force behind the achievements we gained until today. These competencies also guarantee the success we will achieve in the future. On the other hand, our sphere of influence extends far beyond our business and the brands we manage. We aim to be the pioneer of positive change on a global scale with our inspiring and exemplary stance and the long-term relationships we have established with our employees, business partners, investors, suppliers, and dealers.

While Growing Our Business, Society Will Gain As Well

We do not consider the future of our business separate from the welfare of society, and we believe that we can only achieve our goals if we act in synchronization with the changes in society, the environment, technology, and the business world. For this very reason, we put our potential into action to develop products and services that respond to the needs and expectations of society.

Our stakeholders expect leadership from us in every field. When we grow, everyone in our sphere of influence grows. As we innovate, new opportunities arise for others as well. When we respond to changes in technology, business, and society in the best way, our sphere of influence spreads to a wider area, creating a ripple effect.

2. Sustainability for people

We Act in a Competence-Oriented Way

We act with the aim of being a community of highly committed employees who have the necessary knowledge and competencies to create the business models of the future.

We Say People First

Since the day we were established, we have always put our colleagues at the forefront; we have focused on contributing to their development throughout their careers and providing the most suitable environment for them to succeed in dynamic business life. As a natural result of this approach, we observe that our colleagues use their potential at the highest level and are accepted as role models in all industries in which our Group operates.

We Define New Competencies for the Changing Business Environment

When we consider that the way we do business is undergoing a change like never before, we can say that the competencies we will need tomorrow will be very different from today. The new generation production model, which is also called Industry 4.0, now requires much more complex skills. On the other hand, our workforce needs to match our increasingly globalized customer base, and we believe that only with a more diverse and inclusive approach can we realize our goal of long-term and successful growth.

Towards Sustainable Solutions…

We focus on providing our employees with the skills they will need and creating inclusive workplaces equipped with versatile talents, and we believe that this is the only way we can develop solutions to the most challenging social issues of the future.

3. Together for the world

We Care About Balanced Approach

We can only achieve sustainable growth if we integrate environmental protection into our decision-making processes. In other words, we believe that a healthy job has no meaning at all without a healthy world and societies.

We Have a Long-Term Perspective

We are aware of the need to have a long-term perspective while combating climate change. Both our global reach and the relationships we have established with stakeholders offer us opportunities to contribute to the climate agenda. In this context, we aim to be a role model for both companies in our ecosystem and other organizations.

Collaborations for Combating Climate Change

Climate change constitutes one of the biggest challenges of our time with its wide-ranging and unpredictable impacts. This issue, which has significant impacts on governments, businesses, and societies, has been on the agenda more than ever as global temperatures approach the international limit of 2 degrees Celsius. In order to achieve the targets set by the Paris Agreement and for the regions that will be most affected by climate change to adapt to this new situation, global markets have important tasks to perform.

It is necessary to show the determination to solve this issue with strong international cooperation in which emerging and developing markets will act jointly. In order to develop a progressive climate change agenda, a global common vision must be adopted by all parties. In this context, stakeholders from various segments of society are working together to produce solutions for the transition to a low-carbon economy. Considering that the new climate agenda contains both risks and opportunities for the global economy and society, it is of great importance to develop innovative methods with stakeholder collaborations to produce and spread solutions.

4. To the future together with society

Whole Society… For the Better

We believe that a strong and stable society is the most fundamental element for success in the business world. With this in mind, we have pioneered many social investments over the years. Today, as in the past, we focus on large-scale programs to make a difference in society. The impact we create strengthens our business, enriches family lives, creates more opportunities for future generations and everyone in society becomes a part of it.

Our Role in Society

Our stakeholders see us as one of the driving forces of society. We see ourselves as an integral part of the socioeconomic structure as well. We act together with our employees and business partners and develop our operations in line with Sustainable Development Goals and other best global practices in similar areas. By utilizing our size and sphere of influence, we act with the goal of a change that starts with our companies, spreads to our dealers and suppliers, and then to the entire society.

Our approach is based on bringing together the collective potential of our employees, dealers, and suppliers and developing large and ambitious programs that offer solutions to social issues. We believe that focusing on these big issues benefits not only our business but also society and the world at large.

Social Gender Equality

We believe that innovation and creativity are two fundamental elements that enable development. Both can only emerge in work environments where different voices are welcomed. As Pera, we care about and work towards creating a favorable environment for gender equality in our workplaces, with our suppliers, and ultimately in society at large.


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