Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions and answers about Urban Transformation

In order for the Transformation of the building with Urban Transformation, an Earthquake Risk Report must be obtained first. After this report, within the scope of urban Transformation loans, tax, and fee exemptions, the beneficiaries of the buildings can build their new earthquake-safe buildings with the company of their choice.

Urban Transformation covers all provinces and districts in Turkey.

After the determination of risky areas and risky buildings, demolition procedures are carried out only depending on the building and debris price. Accordingly, the contractor agreed within the scope of Urban Transformation carries out the demolition process by obtaining the necessary permits.

Expropriation will be carried out in the zoning areas determined for Urban Transformation. The disputes that will arise here will be carried out and finalized only regarding the price, and those regarding the determination of risky areas and risky buildings and demolition works and procedures will be carried out and finalized only regarding the price of buildings and debris.


It is envisaged that the relevant provisions of the Turkish Criminal Code No. 5237 will be applied to those who prevent the identification, evacuation, and demolition of risky buildings and valuation procedures, depending on the act committed and the situation.

Within the scope of Urban Transformation , options such as adding extra floors to the existing building or getting extra zoning vary according to the zoning conditions of the municipality where the building is located. However, this should not be the ultimate goal, as the main purpose of Urban Transformation is to reinforce the existing structures as earthquake-resistant.

For Urban Transformation, the Ministry or TOKİ can implement urgent expropriation if the floor owners of the building cannot provide the majority.

In the event that an agreement cannot be reached with at least two-thirds majority within thirty days following the notification to the owners of the land on which the building/structure has been demolished, the Ministry, TOKİ, or the Administration may also resort to urgent expropriation for immovables owned by real persons or private legal entities.

If the building is to be demolished within the scope of urban transformation, the process of demolition and reconstruction of the building, including obtaining the necessary permits, project studies and technical procedures, may take an average of 1.5 years. During this period, you can benefit from rental assistance and you can temporarily stay in rent within the scope of the incentive until the building is built. The retrofitting work to be carried out without demolishing the building takes an average of 4-6 months.

Building and flat owners can benefit from state-incentivized urban transformation loans and urban transformation rent assistance incentives for building construction. Tenants, on the other hand, can receive state-incentivized urban transformation loans and moving allowance when they want to buy a new apartment. There is also an exemption for all notary fees, municipality, and title deed expenses for the new building. In addition to all these, you can increase the value of your existing property up to 3 times with the renovation you will make within the scope of urban transformation. According to research, buildings with a lifespan of over 20 years lose 0.3% of their value every year.

No, it is not. If the building receives less floor zoning when it is newly built according to the municipal zoning to which it is connected and the risky building status can be eliminated with the reinforcement work, the existing building can be renovated by strengthening, and building reinforcement work can be done.


How to Get Urban Transformation Contracting Service?


To get detailed information about the contracting services offered by Pera Yapı within the scope of Urban Transformation, you can contact an Urban Transformation Specialist immediately by calling us from our contact information in the contact section.

Urban transformation works are coordinated by the General Directorate of Infrastructure and Urban Transformation Services of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanisation and Climate Change.


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